About Us

The name, 467 Printing was derivied from the fact that there are 46 children diagnosed daily with pediatric cance in the United States. And the 7 represents the fact that 7 of those children will lose their life to pediatric cancer.

Our primary attention will be to supply inexpensive products, and free products when possible to pediatric cancer patients and their families for fund raising and for personal use to the families.

In addition to supplying the products, we also get involved as individuals with many patients, including their fundraisers in many different ways, and one being actually making products at our costs, attending events, and selling those products for the families with the proceeds going to the event. Our intent is to NEVER make a profit from the pediatric cancer community. We try to rely on other purchases from people and organizations that want to help us in helping pediatric cancer while getting quality products at reduced pricing.

Another service we provide, is when things are really tough and families spend so much time at the hospitals or clinics, we can handle all sales and shipping of the products at no additional charge.

We are a very small family run company that can provide hundreds of products a week, and have hopes of growing a little, but have no interests in turning into the "big business" and lose that one to one relationship with our customers.

If you have any questions, or want to find out more, please don't hesitate to visit our Contact Us page and ask any questions you wish.