Batman Monogram Decals, Oracal Exterior Vinyl

Batman mongram decals made from exterior grade, 6 year, Oracal 651 vinyl. Great for insulated tumblers such as Yeti, RTic and others. The 5" wide version is for initials and will fit bot the 20 and 30 oz tumblers and the larger versions can be have the persons full name.

Available is select single colors. Shipping is via USPS 1st Class mail with no tracking unless requested during checkout. There is an upcharge for tracking info.

NOTE: Letters and inside of border are hollow and the color will be whatever you are applying the product.
Delivery date: 5-10 business days

Enter initials (2 or 3) as they will appear on the decal.
If entering 3 initials, initial for LAST NAME should be the MIDDLE initial.

John Qunicy Adams = JAQ (NO numbers. Letters A thru Z only)


Surface must be non porous and clean and dry. The smoother the sufrace the better. Surface should be at a warm room temperature.

Carefully remove the white paper backing from the back of the decal and transfer tape.

Very slowly align the decal with where you want it on the cup without touching the suface. Once you are satisfied with the alignment, slowly place the decal onto the surface with the center of the decal touching the surface.

Squeegy the decal from the center out to each edge, top and bottom pressing the decal firmly to the surface. Once the decal is firmly placed on the surface, slowly remove the transfer tape from the corners, pulling it at a sharp angle. If the decal tried to come up with the tape, press the decal and the tape back down and try again.

If the decal isn't wanting to adhere, the surface was not prepared properly.

Hand wash in cold or warm water. Even though this is exterior grade glue on the decal, high temperatures will soften the glue.


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