Exterior Grade Team/Patient Decal(s) Quote Request

These decals are made from quality exterior grade calendar vinyl with a permanent grade glue for exterior use.

Please see the details at the bottom of this page. This is an estimated quote and pricing could vary slightly after we review. However, we have tried very hard to make this as accurate as possible, but there are some limitations to the software.

Price shown is an estimate for EACH decal.

Pricing is calculated by square inches of vinyl used, added to a base price based on size. Price is subject to adjustments based on the difficulty level of the decal you are requesting, and this can only be determined after a design is agreed upon. It is very important that you upload your image to us if we do not already have it on file.

Each color is an overlay, and will be treated as such in this estimate. In other words, if you are requesting a 2 color decal that is 5" square, that is actually 5" x 5" = 25 sq inches x 2 colors for 50 square inches. Also, there is a border allowance. The 5" x 5" decal will actually be priced as 6" x 6" to allow for vinly not actually being to the edge of the finished product.

All decals will come with a transfer tape applied for eash application. To apply, you simply remove the paper backing from the decal, carefully stick the decal to your cleaned smooth surface, press it using a squeegie or similar tool, and then remove the transfer tape.

The base price used is for a 5" square, 1 color decal.

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